Discussion: FESTIVAL BAR

SATURDAY 6 June 2020 8:45pm
Language: Swedish

Hangö Teaterträff 2020 is reaching its end, but what is a festival without hanging at the bar discussing the day? This festival panel will summarise, speculate and dream about a world after the Covid-19 crisis.

The panel consists of Linnea Stara (executive director for Labbet), Lasse Garoff (arts journalist at Svenska Yle) as well as Josefine Fri and Emelie Zilliacus from performance collective Glitcher. The discussion will be moderated by Tom Rejström and Kia Svaetichin.

The discussion is included in the festival stream on Yle Areena:

Linnea Stara is the executive director for Labbet. She has previously worked as a freelance critic and a dramaturgist at Svenska Teatern, and in September 2020 she will assume the position of director of Theatre Info Finland.

Lasse Garoff is Svenska Yle’s cultural editor whose focus lies with the performing arts. He has previously worked as an editorial coordinator at Green leftist cultural magazine Ny Tid with theatre criticism as his specialty.

Josefine Fri has studied acting at Helsinki Theatre Academy and has a bachelor’s degree in acting. Fri’s art is often built around breaking apart social norms, challenging perceptions about gender, sexuality and body and creating new ways of analysing and experiencing one's context. Fri works in a collage-structured way and strives for non-hierarchical work structures and material that is extreme, excessive and kaleidoscopically expansive.

Emelie Zilliacus is a stage performer with a bachelor's degree in acting from Helsinki Theatre Academy. In Zilliacus’s work you easily notice her cheeky humor, her interest in turning social structures on their heads and her endless fondness of everything touchy, tacky and twisted.