SATURDAY 6 June 2020 5:55pm
Language: Swedish

The history of theatre is full of examples of various technologies, materials and working methods that have made a crucial impact on the artistic nature of performances. This progress has often been difficult to observe, and only when a sudden turn of events like Covid-19 gives rise to an even bigger change do these developments become more visible. The current situation connected to the crisis has caused a flurry of remote stages seen through computer and mobile screens. What is needed for theatre to leap into a new technological environment? How does that affect the ways in which we create and experience theatre?

The panel consists of theatre researcher Laura Gröndahl, lecturer in performing arts history Jukka von Boehm and filmmaker and visual artist Anna-Sofia Nylund. Tom Rejström acts as the moderator.

The discussion is included in the festival stream on Yle Areena:

Laura Gröndahl is a university lecturer at the Theatre Academy’s performing arts research centre. She has a background in set design, but has transferred to theatre research and teaching after 20 years work in various theatres around Finland. She defended her thesis in 2004 and has worked as a professor in set design at Aalto University in 2006-2013. She has also written several articles and edited publications, and is a docent in theatre studies at the University of Helsinki.

Jukka von Boehm is a Doctor of Philosophy and a lecturer in performing arts history at the Theatre Academy.

Anna-Sofia Nylund is a filmmaker and visual artist who has a bachelor’s degree in visual arts with a background in film and television. Her works are often multidisciplinary and performative video works, and her first documentary film Jeppis Suger - En film om min hemlängtan (Nordic Film Pool) will premiere in autumn 2020.