AFTERPARTY: Distant Disco

SATURDAY 6 June 2020 10pm

A virtual festival must obviously have a virtual party - a platform for chatting, music and dance. The stage is yours.

Distant Disco is streamed from Unga Teatern and takes place on YouTube:

Vj Vixen aka media artist Paula Lehtonen is interested in weirdness, cinematic narration, and the spatiality of videos. Outside of the club scene Lehtonen’s works can be seen in theatres, galleries, and wherever video escapes from screens to walls and buildings.

Flux aka Jukka Hannukainen started his DJ career in the mid-90s with acid jazz, house, and drum and bass, then moving from minimal house to techno and acid. Nowadays, depending on the gig, Flux moves on quite a large spectrum, often making use of Arabic tones and anchoring his music in techno, dub techno and electro. Outside of his work, Hannukainen is a light and sound designer, composer, and musician.

Malin Nyqvist has worked as a DJ for fifteen years and has also been part of the band Le corps mince de françoise. Nyqvist has also worked as the second half of cult favourite DJ duo Wino 4-ever. Nyqvist plays mostly techno and hard drums with influences from jersey club and the queer Ballroom movement.